V Lent

March 18, 2018
This Sunday, we had an "interactive sermon".  The first part of the sermon (below) was a meditation which included an examination of conscience.  This was followed by a Confession Rite, and then the congregation was invited forward for prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing for healing.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to begin to center yourself.  Now make those cleansing breaths a part of your normal way of breathing and sit quietly for just a few moments.

Imagine you are walking through a forest.  See the trees.  Listen to the quiet, interspersed with birds singing and a small creek flowing.  You walk deeper into the forest when you come upon the entrance to a cave. 

The path you have been walking is a well worn path used by many people.  On the outside of the cave’s entrance, you see a sign.  You go closer to the sign and see that it says “Open the box below and get a flashlight – explore the cave – you will never be the same.”

You look down below the sign and see a box.  You open the hinged lid and find a flashlight.  Making sure that it works, you decide to enter the cave.  The path in the cave is wide.  You do not have to worry about ducking your head to explore.

As you walk deeper into the cave, you see pictures on the wall.  These are pictures were drawn long ago by people who first found the cave.  You take a moment to begin to look more carefully at the pictures.  Unlike many other cave pictures, these are not pictures of hunting scenes.  Instead, they are simple pictures of the Stations of the Cross.  You descend deeper into the cave.

You come upon another sign.  It simply says, “He bore your sins as well.”  You take a few moments and let that sink in.  As you do, you think about your sins.  The sins which Jesus took with Him to the cross.  You think about things you have been carrying, which may be a burden upon your soul.  Take a moment before you go deeper into the cave.


You now go deeper into the cave and come to what seems to be the end of the path.  It is a room which has been hewn into the rock.  Over in the corner is what looks to be a small table-like structure carved from a large rock on the floor.  On it is a simple linen cloth balled up to one side.  Above it is a sign – “He is not here.  He is risen.”  It is the tomb of Jesus.  You realize that Jesus took your sins, died with them on the cross, and then was buried in the tomb for you.  He rose from the dead for you. 

Behind you is a shaft of sunlight – a way out of the cave – a short cut.  As you begin to walk toward the sunlight take a few breaths once again, and as you breathe in deeply you can slowly open your eyes.  Now in the Prayer Book, turn to page 447.

When we get to the place where we you see the word, “especially”, followed by a line, we will insert “those things which I have thought of this morning” – “those things which I have thought of this morning”.